Over the past few years, TASS research staff and PhD students have taken academic articles within the areas of dual career and athlete lifestyle and condensed them into lay summaries. These summaries of published research articles can now be found on the TASS Dual Career Research Database, within the TASS Extra section of our website https://www.tass.gov.uk/tass-extra/

What is the aim of the database?

Dual career research papers often sit within academic journals, many of which are inaccessible to those outside of academia. We have recognised this as a barrier to disseminating the research findings to practitioners, who could have a positive impact on dual career practice. Our aim, therefore, was to make these articles easy to find, easy to read, and easy to translate into practice. The summaries have been split into themes allowing the reader to access their chosen area of interest. The database is also fully searchable.

Which research is included?

Research to be included in the database is as follows:

  • Research from Europe, Australia, and Africa
  • Research exploring the experience or areas within athletes’ dual career and lifestyle, not simply using student-athletes as a participant base
  • Research published in an academic journal

Who is the database for?

The TASS dual career research database is targeted at multiple populations. These include:

  • Dual career athletes
  • Coaches
  • Athlete lifestyle practitioners
  • National governing bodies
  • Wider university sport staff
  • Sports schools and colleges
  • Dual career policy makers
  • Researchers
  • Anyone generally interested in learning more about dual careers.

The database will be updated periodically by TASS staff, however, if you see an article that has not been included, please contact emma.vickers@tass.gov.uk